Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 Jan: #4 MacBridge Activity 2 - Episodes of Induction @ SST

On Week 2 Friday (15 January 2010), the "Badge Ceremony" will be held to mark the end of the Secondary 1 Orientation. Your parents will be invited to attend the ceremony.

Every student is going to put together your 2 weeks of orientation experiences in a presentation (created with KeyNote) to share with your parents your experiences.

Discuss as a class...
  • What would you suggest what areas you could include in the presentation?
  • How are you going to organise your experiences?
  • Is there any specific "visual" requirements/elements that must be included in the presentation (e.g. video clips)?
  • Should the presentation be set to auto-run?

Planning & Designing a KeyNote Presentation

  • Good presentations start with strong ideas, creative writing and a thorough outline (of your ideas).
  • Think First, Design Next, then Present
  • Based your past experiences in creating presentations and blogs, what are some "Dos and Don'ts" that you would suggest to the class when designing a presentation with a good look-and-feel
  • Let's Plan!!!


  1. One "Don't" that should be remembered when doing a presentation is not to add too many fancy animations. I tried that once and my powerpoint looked horrible!!!

    ho jun hui

  2. When there is a presentation, it would usually include different things, like images, videos, or even comments and links from websites.

  3. In my opinion, setting the presentation to auto-run might not be a very good idea. If the presenter wants to speak regarding one of the slides, he or she could have forgotten to pause the slide show and need to spent time to get back to the right slide.

  4. I agree with Kim. I bet we should have more than 10 slides since it seems like we had a lot of activities to talk about,probably 2 or 3 slides for each event.

  5. I was asking whether i could use microsoft powerpoint but I was worried that it might not work on the apple laptop... I was more familar with that... But never mind, I guess I have to get use to the apple laptop. Well, my advice is to be sure that the background colour and the words colour are of contrast. Otherwise, no one, but you can see what's on the screen...

    Tshin Qi Ren

  6. I think that we should use a theme that is related to school in keynotes so it is I guess related so there will be some similarity. I also agree with Kim and Arthur to have a few slides on each event. As for the camp, I think that someone should take videos of us going down the slide in the orientation camp so it will be like, 'Splash! Again! Again! And again'. I would also like to volunteer to help with the slideshow because i am quite familiar with keynotes as I have watched the tutorial and tried most of what would be used. I would really like to do the slideshow. By the way, Fatin agreed to do it with me.

  7. Like what Jun Hui said,adding to much animation may just end up making the presentation look bad. The font type too should not be too fancy,as long as it is readable I think it is okay. I think we should get a representative from our class to talk about how he/she feels about the orientation instead of just putting our thoughts in the slideshow. The most important is that we finish the presentation first before we add the finish touches such as animations etc. I cannot wait for this to really happen! I hope I would be given the opportunity to work on the slideshow with Ilya as presenting is always something I always wanted to do.

    Fatin :D

  8. I agree that we should not have too many animations and the fonts we use should be contrasting so that everyone can read the words on the slides. We can have a few slides for each event but it cannot be too many ,or else everyone will get bored. I believe we can do a good presentation. Go S1-04!

  9. I believe that we create slides to convey information on a certain topic to an audience. The most important thing is that the message can reach the audience, and fancy animations are not required although, we have to use a little to attract some attention.

  10. I think that we can also include what we have learnt in the presentation. we can organise our experiences by date eg. events that were held on earlier dates should be in the first few slides. And as what Kim said, setting the presentation on auto-run may not be a good idea.

  11. I would put in some images, videos and animations but not too many as it would not look nice.


  12. Great suggestions from the class!

    Yes, sometimes simplicity is beauty :)

    Looking forward to the keynote presentation!