Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Amazing Race - Group Reflection

We observed that there were a lot of elderlies in this big and old estate. There were some forested area especially at the permanent site and some parts of the estate is smelly and dirty.

Some of the opportunities would be helping out at the nursing home,kindergarten and autism association. We could also clean up the estate and educate the people at Clementi so as not to litter. After cleaning it up,we could plant more trees so we can add to the greenery. 

We can benefit from doing community work as we get to feel the satisfaction after helping people. Sometimes the elderlies just need someone to talk to as they feel very lonely in the nursing home. At the kindergarten,maybe we could teach the little kids. They will look up to us,'big brothers and sisters'.  We could help out the autism centre so the kids there would not feel that other kids look down on them. 

The school value is Expanding Our Learning Networks.


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  1. em Do I need to bring our laptop to the camp???

    Tshin Qi Ren