Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kimberly's group

  • What are some of your observations about the environment and people?
  • We saw a couple of elderly people sitting at the void deck. They looked bored and were pitiful. There were lots of trees around clementi. However, there were lots of cars therefore, it was not pleasant to smell.
  • What were some opportunities you think SST would able to contribute to the community?
  • SST can help the Autism Association and Orange Valley. We can find out more about the needs of the people there. Thus we can be more effective when we organise trips to Orange Valley and Autism Association to help them.
  • How can we benefit from serving the community?
  • By serving the community, we wil be prepared for the future ahead and for working life. We will also learn to have empathy for those who are less fortunate.
  • Which school value encourages us to learn beyond SST?
  • The school value "Expanding Our Learning Networks".

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