Friday, January 8, 2010

Photos (Day 4)

Dear S1-04
It has been my pleasure to be assisting and working with Mrs Nair to look after your class over the past four days :)

We have all gone through many activities and events together, perspired profusely and stepped in muddy puddles.

I had a good experience with all of you last night and felt really happy to finally see you all starting to work as a team before we went for our night hike. Hope you all felt the same way :p

I hope to hear wonderful news from Mrs Nair about how 1-04 is growing and developing together as a team (^_^) Visit your classmates' blogs!

Cherish and treasure your experiences and especially your classmates in SST because you are writing the history of SST together as pioneers.

Warmest Regards
Mr Richard Koh


  1. Thanks Mr Koh for the great pictures. I'll use them for my reflection on the camp.

  2. You are welcome, Reuven :) I hope you had a good rest, yah?